January 2018

Hey, y’all.

I hope being late doesn’t get to be a habit this year, but it looks like I’m off to a slow start with getting a Newsletter out. I have no deep thoughts to pass on to you, and I have a lot of small things to say, so this one might look more like a laundry list than anything else.

First of all, please thank Tomasz Szul for taking on the Newsletter distribution job again this year. That’s a real service to all of us, and that service is greatly appreciated. So tell him!

Next, we all need to remember the change in our schedule we’re trying this year. There were a number of reasons for voting on this schedule, increased costs being only one of them.

We will not have Monday evening meetings in odd-numbered months, so no meetings in January, March, May, etc.
We will have Saturday workshops in the Potting Shed every month, following the normal schedule: the Saturday after the second Monday of the month. We have use of the building from 8:30 to noon, so please plan to come early, but don’t stay late. That causes problems for the Gardens personnel.
Every month, including odd-numbered months, we’ll have a short business meeting (if it’s needed) at 9:30 Saturday morning in the potting shed. So plan on being there at 9:30 January 13th for a short meeting.

For your convenience, the full schedule, including special events, is on the web site:

2018 Meeting Schedule

It’s also time to pay dues for 2018, so please plan to take care of that on Saturday. Again, because of increased expenses, we voted to raise dues to $40.00 a year. That puts us a little ahead of some other bonsai groups in our area, and we hope that increase doesn’t pose a problem for anyone. And to be truthful, if you can encourage others who haven’t paid dues recently to join up, please do so.

Finally, we were all saddened to learn about Mike Lee’s death, and no doubt many of you have been concerned about the fate of his trees. Gerry, Karin, and I have talked with Stephanie (his widow), and Gerry, Jane and Bill helped her with moving some of them into a cold house before this current freezing weather set up. The club will also be assisting her with winter care until the spring, when we hope to help her out with selling Mike’s collection. We’ll have details to share with everyone at the meeting on Saturday, January 12.

See you then!


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