President’s Notes: April 7

Moonlight slanting
Through the bamboo grove
A cuckoo crying …

A petal shower
Of mountain roses
And the sound of the rapids

Join us for the April Meeting Monday Evening, April 10. The topic is Shohins, and Ron Dennis will be presenting and talking about his trees.

Please bring your small trees to show and discuss.

If you are new to bonsai, here’s a little background:

SHOHIN is the Japanese name for very small bonsai. Mame-bonsai a subcategory of Shohin that is even smaller than Shohin. The height of Shohins should not exceed 10 inches. Mame and Shohin have become very popular in the west. One reason for its popularity might be because people are fascinated by miniatures of any kind.

And here’s an important announcement for members from our show chairman, Karin Rock:

Everyone needs to be closing in on what trees they will be entering the show. An emailed photo to me would be appreciated. ( We have no limits on how many trees you enter, but we would like at least one tree from every member. If we end up with too many trees to show, Kathy will make the decisions on what trees go in. No tree will be cut if it is your only tree. This is our show, and we truly want everyone to participate. Anika and I are very excited about how things are falling into place.

See everyone next Monday.

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