Presidents Notes – June 2015

We want to thank Karen Rock for her diligent effort in preparing and presenting our show. Job well done, Karen. It is very difficult to take on one of our shows and Karen did so with much grace, dignity and perseverance. We thank you, Karen! And  our great news going forward is Karen has volunteered to handle our show for next  year. I think we caught her in a weak moment and she did not have a ready way to decline.

We are already working on next year and it appears we will have Kathy Shaner! We are  also working on our vendors for next year and we are reviewing everything that was  great about 2015 and where we might improve in 2016.

Thank you to all who took time to share your thoughts and feedback on the show. By knowing what ALL members are thinking and wanting is how we improve. We must give  a huge thank you to all who worked so diligently in so many ways—setup, check in, the  kitchen, the sale tables and tear-down are a few examples. In spite of all the uncertainty  we faced as to where or when we might have the show, it came together very well. Everyone will have a different opinion but how about Bonsai Crazy’s demo and his one-on-one workshops? For me personally, this was the best part of the show. Many of you have been very complimentary of Crazy and Kathy.

One of the areas we know needs improvement is logging the trees so the People’s Choice votes can easily be determined. We are already working on this. Congratulations to Bobby and Doug for being #1 and #2 with their Acer palmatum trees in the People’s Choice. I am still working on the final tally and hopefully will have a completed listing by the meeting on Monday.

Bonsai Crazy thought the following trees were outstanding:

Deciduous 1st Place Michael Lee Korean Hornbeam
2nd Place Bobby Popwell Acer Palmatum (Beni Shien)
Evergreen 1st Place Brian Van Fleet Itoigawa Juniper
2nd Place Brian Van Fleet Japanese Black Pine>
Flowering 1st Place Michael Lee Satsuki Azalea
2nd Place Gerry Fuller Satsuki Azalea

Please remember our meeting Monday Night – June 8th, 2015
(See Brian Van Fleet’s Email Below):

Our Spring Show was a most educational experience for many members.  The show critiques performed by Crazy and Kathyu Shaner, the demo, and the one-on-one work sessions with Crazy all provided valuable learning opportunities.

Our June meeting program will be an “extended” show & tell, and we need your participation for this to be successful.  If you had a work session, received a tree critique, or simply learned something at the show, please make some notes, bring the subject tree and share what you learned with the group.  Here is the format for Monday’s program.

  1. Bring the tree you worked on with Crazy, or received a critique on from him or Kathy.
  2. Share the critique/work done in this specific format with the group
    1. 2-3 positive comments made by Crazy and/or Kathy
    2. 2-3 suggestions made for improvement made by Crazy and/or Kathy
    3. What is your “plan of attack”over the next 12 months?
    4. Best “nugget” of info learned.

Presentations should be limited to 5 – 6 minutes and follow this format.  Please be aware that your participation is important; this onth as much as ever.  The meeting will be what you make it.

We look forward to a well-supported meeting.


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