Presidents Notes – April 2016

We are making progress in cataloging our club trees. Slowly but surely we are tracking down all of our trees, having them returned to the lathe house, photographing the trees and estimating the condition and the value of the individual trees. Many thanks to Sandra for her work in this area all last year and thanks to Brian who had really dedicated time and effort to tracking down our trees. We are still looking for a couple of trees and will have more on this later.


The board will be calling for a vote by our membership on our club trees at our meeting next Monday night, April 11th. We hope all can be in attendance so we might make decisions on our trees. We need a majority of our club members voting to have a binding decision. As you are all aware, we had removed our club trees from the Pavilion due to multiple problems with the trees maintenance and well-being. Watering had proven to be a problematic area and the shade from surrounding trees was a problem. I am sure many of you know better than I how many trees we lost by having them in the Pavilion. You may or may not be aware the cages have been removed from the display pods. Now we cannot leave our trees at the Pavilion without having our members man the area.

All of this to say it has been suggested by several members to sell our club trees. A plan to sell the trees has been developed and this is what we will be voting for or against. We have photographed all trees except a couple and hopefully will have these few remaining photographed this week. We have had three independent appraisals of our trees by club members who are aware of retail pricing from nurseries and online. We have averaged the three together and have discussed the merits and drawbacks to each tree. A minimum acceptable price (approximately 50% of retail value) for each tree has been developed as a starting bidding point and if the membership votes to sell our trees, a plan has been developed to do so. We have a website ready to go and members will have the first opportunity to bid.

If our membership votes to sell our trees, the website will go live on Tuesday, April 12th, morning  at 8:00 AM and will remain open to members until Saturday afternoon at 6:00 PM. We will allow members two weeks to pay for their purchased tree. Remember we can take your credit card. Should all trees not be sold to our own members, we will notify contacts in other surrounding  clubs and offer the trees at RETAIL. We also have the option of offering any unsold trees at our show.

As you realize from the above, we need all members involved in making this decision. If you cannot be present at the meeting, PLEASE send me an email stating your preference of selling or not selling.

One very important point to consider in your decision is how do we maintain the trees if we decide not to sell. What we have done over the past few years is not a good situation and must be changed.

In addition to cataloging our trees we decided to catalog all club assets. This will include all of our show materials and all other property of the club. We have already determined we are missing  some stands which have been used in the Pavilion. It appears we are also missing some lava rock. If you have these stands or any other club assets such as pots or if you know what may have happened to our club assets, please let us know using either of the two email addresses shown below:

Ron Dennis –
Brian Van Fleet –

Plans for our upcoming show are moving ahead very quickly now. Kathy Shaner has requested we send photos of trees we are planning to exhibit. She needs the type of tree, the size of the trees, pot description including size and stand description including size. Please snap a quick photo showing the tree, the pot, the stand and send to Karin Rock. By having the photos ahead we will be able to better plan placement of trees to give the best possible advantage to each tree. Trees do not have to be show ready at the time of the photos.

Something a little different for the upcoming show will be categories based on years practicing bonsai:

Novice                  1 year up to 7 years
Intermediate       7 years up to 15 years
Experienced       15 years plus

We are still fine tuning these categories but thinking these are the ones. We are encouraging every member to exhibit at least one tree.

There are a couple of slots still open for a 1 hour session with Kathy. Please reply back to me and Karin Rock ASAP if you want a slot. The price is $50.00 and this is a great price for a one-on-one session.

See you Monday,


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