Presidents Notes – August 2014

Where has this year gone? Here we are in August and soon we will be tending to our fall care of our trees. Then we will be looking forward to the holidays; but, then comes winter and we will all be wondering if we will have a repeat of last year. I, for one, can say  without doubt if I see a snowflake, I am heading home.

We want to thank Michael Lee for hosting our summer barbeque. All who came enjoyed a wonderful evening of fellowship and we experienced Michael’s great bonsai garden and all admired his setup. We want to thank Michael’s wife for opening their home to our group. While Mrs. Lee is not active in our group, she opened her home and hosted our group with great charm and made sure every-
one enjoyed themselves.

I have had a goodly number of positive comments on our July meeting. Mostly how much we enjoyed seeing the trees of some who have not shared previously.  Therefore, let me urge everyone to bring at least one tree to share and at least one item to sell, trade or give away. I have not talked with Michael on our program but know it will be a good one.

We will have our Saturday workshop in the potting shed. Let’s all try to come and participate.

Best regards to all and Happy Bonsai,


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