Presidents Notes – April 2014

Spring is finally here!

Wait a minute, maybe not. We had best check outside and see what is happening today. I do hope none
suffered any damage during the storm last night. One thing for sure we don’t need to worry about watering

Our shipment of lava rock is due to arrive today. Anyone who needs lava rock, please see John Walker or
me. The price per bag is $4.00 and I think we can all agree this is a good price.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens Plant Sale is this coming weekend. We send kudos to Jane for handling
everything with such finesse. As usual Jane has done an amazing job. Please remember to be there to man
our area at the time you signed up for. Also, you may want to bring a folding chair with you. We thank all
who helped prepare our trees for sale. It was a lot of work but I think we will have some nice trees for the
public to choose from at the BBG Plant Sale.

We had a huge turnout for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Many people stopped by the Bonsai Pavilion to
view our trees and there was a lot of interest from many. We want to give a most special thank you to
Bobby Popwell, Michael Lee, Rick Guilbeau, Jim Cook, and Jack Pierce for bringing not only Club Trees but
also their personal trees. We had a very attractive display of bonsai. Marge Wirth had our Show Flyers
there and many people asked question about the show and said they plan to be there. Other members were
there to help man our display. I remember Doug Unkenholz was there manning the display. Michael Lee
brought several stands that added so much to the display. I am sure I have left someone out and, if so, I am

Some of us at the Pavilion were discussing what we can do in the short term to improve the Pavilion since
we are sure it will not be replaced this year and probably not next year. We think we could have a work day
there, with the Gardens’ permission, scraping the iron gates and applying a fresh coat of black paint. We
also think we can improve the bulletin board. If we have good participation, we should be able to accomplish
these tasks on one Saturday morning.

The Bjorn Bjorholm workshop was so good! Bjorn had to cut the time to one day because of the serious
illness of his grandfather. Everyone who came left the workshop with a lot of knowledge, a lot of fresh ideas
for their trees and enjoyed a great day. We have told Bjorn to include Birmingham on his tour of the states
next year and he has agreed.

Please be prepared to turn in your sheets on your trees you expect to exhibit at our show during our April

Best regards to all,


Alabama Bonsai Society Annual Spring Show 2014

The Alabama Bonsai Society will be having its Annual Spring Show during the following dates:

  • May 17th from 11am – 5pm

  • May 18th from 1pm – 4pm

It will be located at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ Main Auditorium

This is an exceptional display of bonsai trees, grown and styled using ancient Oriental artistic and bonsai_treehorticultural practices.

Bonsai trees, pots and tools will be available for sale.  Members of the Alabama Bonsai Society will be on-hand to discuss aspects of Bonsai and the care of your trees.

Feel free to print the show flyers out and distribute them everywhere you can using the download button below.  The flyer is in PDF format.



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