Presidents Notes – February 2016

Paul Barrett’s program on tools, their care and sharpening was most informative.

I gained a lot from Paul’s program and I am hoping you did also. Our tools are quite expensive and we definitely need to take the best care of these implements in order to have our tools serve us for as long as possible. I do realize that program on such matters may not be as much fun as when we have trees to talk about but the knowledge gain from such programs allow us to have the trees.

We are ordering Akadama in the small variety. We will have thirty (30) bags for sale to our club members on a first come first serve basis. We are asking you to limit your first pass to a max of three (3) bags. The price per bag will be $32.00. We are asking you to contact Ron with your order by our February Meeting on Feb. 8th. You may email me at If all thirty bags are not committed to prior to our meeting, we will open the remaining bags to those wanting more than three bags.

We need to have all thirty bags pre-sold quickly.

While we are thinking about placing larger orders with suppliers to secure better pricing, let’s think in terms of what else we might want to consider ordering. Tools? Tool bags?

We are hoping all will be present for our meeting and let’s have a great Swap and Shop.

Please bring anything bonsai related that you may not be using or even wanting at this point. What you do not need right now may be exactly what one of our club members may be needing and wanting. We have had some beautiful trees traded and sold at these meetings. Don’t be bashful; bring your trees, pots, reference materials and all other related items.

May will be here quicker than we realize and our show is in May. Start planning your show exhibits now.

At our workshop in January, those who came enjoyed a light lunch. The comments were all positive and encouraging. We are asking for a volunteer to bring lunch for our February workshop. If you can do this, please call Ron. The lunch isn’t “fancy”. We enjoyed taco soup, crackers and cookies this past workshop.

By the way, we do not have to end our workshop at noon. We can stay longer. It is more fun to hear other view points on our trees and we often will hear something we have not thought about or we may have our thinking confirmed. I found it most interesting when we had three (3) different views on the same tree in January. And the most interesting point was all views were viable.

Best regards to all,


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